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Publicity is powerful and we recommend the soon to be released new book, 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket is by author and Love Linguist, Sherrie Rose. The 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket is a book for men about the desires of women and how to fill the 7 desires. Phenomenal& A Practical Guide for Men to overcome challenges with the woman they love and to make love a priority in the bedroom and beyond says Bart Smith, Author of Laws of the Bedroom.

In the film, The Love Guru, the Love Guru is played by Mike Myers as Guru Pitka. A real Love Guru is also a Master Love Linguist. Love Linguist is a trademarked term so only the official Love Linguist" can use the term. What is Love Linguistics? Love Linguistics uses Language Linguistics in Love Relationships to uncover hidden meaning in the Words of Love, with Body Language, and the underlying Social and Emotional Intelligence of the lovers. Love Linguist" is a trademarked term using the TM. The In the film, the Love Guru Pitka emphasizes the TM when he has trademarked a phrase.

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